Cold Weather Compression Packages


Our clients trust our expertise and experience in developing cold-weather compression packages.

This week, we’re shipping two units of a 13-unit order for cold-weather, sweet, natural gas compressor packages, for a client’s low pressure gas gathering system in North Dakota.

Our unique, cold-weather design for these units prevents freeze-ups and over condensing of the wet, heavy gas. These compressor units also meet our client’s requirements for natural gas engines running on raw fuel.

In addition to being spacious and full-enclosed, the buildings we fabricate as part of our cold-weather compression packages, are grated, insulated, heated, and well-lit.

Our clients enjoy many benefits with our cold-weather packages including:

  • Reduced field construction time
  • Transportable modular structure
  • Reduced weather-related delays
  • Faster commissioning
  • Reduced foundational requirements
  • Greater control due to built-in noise mitigation
  • Spill containment

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