Reciprocating Compressors

Long Lasting Performance & Durability

You need reliability for your operations, and we deliver quality with our custom and standard reciprocating gas compressor packages. Every unit is designed and assembled precisely to ensure it performs for you long-term.

Small to Large Horsepower Reciprocating Compression

No matter the size – from 50 to 8,000+ horsepower – we design and build reciprocating compressors to suit your needs for warm weather and arctic applications. Powered by electric or gas-driven engines, our reciprocating compressors serve the full range of onshore or offshore applications, including:

  • Gas Lift
  • Pipeline Transmission
  • Residue Gas 
  • Gas Gathering
  • Inlet / Sales 
  • Storage / Withdrawal
  • Reinjection 
  • Vapor Recovery (VRUs)
  • Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS)
  • Acid Gas Injection
  • Specialty Gases – Helium (He), Hydrogen (H2), Air, CO2
  • Refrigeration Compression

Packaging Possibilities

Reciprocating Compressors


When fast delivery is a priority, standardized compression packages are an option. We build pre-engineered packages that ensure efficiency, reliable run-time, easy maintenance, and lower lifecycle costs.


Skip the long engineering time with configurable compression packages. Building off of pre-engineered designs, these packages are configured and assembled as you need, with quality components and a wide range of options. Configuration flexibility ensures high performance beyond standard designs with quicker delivery and start-up.


Our capabilities cover diverse and highly complex applications beyond traditional natural gas. Our meticulous engineering and design process and fabrication and assembly work result in dependable and high-performing compression products that are industry-best.   

No matter your choice, our reciprocating compression packages are built as single or multi-units that are easily shipped, installed, and operated anywhere worldwide.

Is this the Right Solution for Your Application?

This is where our many years of experience come in handy. Reach out. 

We will work with you to help determine your complete requirements so you can select the right solution. We aim to please on performance, budget, and timeline and are committed to delivering an optimal experience along the way.

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