Gas Processing

Liquids & Gas Processing Possibilities

Ensure long-term and optimal performance of your gas processing equipment and modular packaging by working with a team with deep expertise that can adapt to your diverse needs and specifications at every project stage, from engineering to manufacturing to start-up.

High-Quality Gas Processing Equipment

To ensure long-term optimal performance and reliability, our seasoned team of skilled and dedicated industry professionals will precisely engineer, design, and manufacture standard and custom processing equipment that includes:

  • Dew point control
  • Fractionation trains
  • Gas dehydration
  • Separation, knock-out and filtration
  • Gas treatment (amine plants, carbon capture, contaminant removal)

Packaging Possibilities

Processing Systems

Our gas processing capabilities range from small, independent, skid-mounted modules to large, integrated, multi-skid processing systems for larger gas processing plants and petrochemical systems.

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