Power Generation

Gas-To-Power Systems

Reliable, Durable, and Clean Electricity

Our gas-to-power systems are built to perform. They are crafted and precisely assembled to ensure reliable and durable operation long-term for all types of uses and environments.

Whether you’re in need of prime, continuous, or standby power, our team will help you find the right equipment options for generating electricity. We offer a range of choices for fuel types and controls to cater to specific project needs.

When designing your unit, we ensure compliance with required noise, odor, and emissions standards. With Compass, your power system solutions can be trusted to perform with all environmental aspects taken care of.

Simply Add Clean Power Anywhere You Operate

With a skid or trailer-mounted design, our power systems can be built for all climates and are easily shipped and installed anywhere you need them.

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Power System Options

  • Configurations
    • Remote, Off-Grid
    • Cogeneration or Combined
    • Heat and Power (CHP)
    • Prime / Standby / Emergency Backup
    • Mobile Power (Trailer-Mounted)
    • Grid Connection
  • Markets Served
    • Flare Gas Recovery
    • Energy Transition
    • Oil + Gas
    • Drilling + Fracking
    • Pipeline + Transmission
    • Mining
    • Industrial + Commercial
    • Technology + Data Centers
  • Power Output
    • 250 – 3800 kWe
  • Voltage
    • 480 V – 13.8 kV
  • Frequency
    • 50 – 60 Hz
  • Fuel Type
    • Natural Gas
    • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
    • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) / Biofuels
    • Hydrogen Blend
    • Diesel

Is this the Right Solution for Your Application?

This is where our many years of experience come in handy.
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We will ask you questions to help determine your complete requirements so you can select the right solution. We aim to please on performance, budget, and timeline and are committed to delivering an optimal experience along the way.

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