Choosing a Compression Package Vendor – Part 7: Expert Team


Within the gas compression industry, Compass is built to stand out from the crowd.

Some companies might have a high-profile engineer or two, others a first-class rentals group, and still others a top-rated service team. Given the diverse skills and experience needed to fulfill clients’ needs, it’s not often you see a team excel across the board.

Compass President, John Forgeron, believes if any link in the chain is comparatively weak, it’s bound to show in the quality of the work, and in the customer’s experience. Which is why Compass aims to deliver a high level of technical expertise, industry experience and customer commitment from each and every employee.

“The customer experience is about executing in a way that has the client’s needs at the forefront of our mind,” says Forgeron. “The client has to trust you, and you have to work through a couple of challenges to prove-out that trust.”

Beyond outstanding skills and deep experience, Compass wants all of its people to embody personal qualities that are sometimes undervalued in a technical field.

“We look for people who conduct themselves with respect for others,” Forgeron says. “We watch for this, and we hire this.”

For Compass, one-off projects come with the territory, with many companies spreading out their compression needs among multiple vendors. Compass’ compression professionals work closely together to deliver successful projects and a positive experience for clients. This approach often turns one-off projects into longer-term partnerships, which can streamline clients’ operations and save them time and money.

“It’s rare to find a team with the depth and professionalism our team has,” says Forgeron, “and we try to bring this to everything we do. We look for clients to be partners, rather than for one-off projects. That is when we’re at our best.”

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