Choosing A Compression Package Vendor – Part 1: Engineering


#1. Engineering Capabilities

For buyers of compression equipment, the most challenging time often comes after the deal is signed and before the package is built.

That’s when your vendor is behind closed doors doing the engineering work, so the package you chose will work for the situation you have.

Weeks can go by, sometimes months, and suddenly you’re wondering: what’s going on? Is there a problem? Will these guys hit my deadline?

To take these worries away, Compass decided to knock down some walls, open some doors and let the client in.

“There’s a long history of compression companies being highly guarded on issues related to delivery and manpower,” says Mike Drury, Compass’s Engineering Manager. “We’re different. We practice a transparency and openness that is not typical, but it gets results. We meet weekly with clients during the engineering phase. When complications occur, or if we see an issue, we stand up and get people on board to solve it, including our client.”

The Compass engineering process is based on having highly experienced engineers using the best tools available. In-house communication software delivers instant messages to the responsible person, getting results far faster than email. Top-of-the line design and process simulation software, in tandem with the industry’s fastest ERP, means Compass engineers can meet or exceed client expectations for timely execution while maintaining the highest technical standards.

“There were less than 10 employees at Compass when I started in 2006,” says Drury. “We set up our engineering based on the best of what we’d seen in the industry, and we’ve taken it beyond that. Ultimately, you need to have great people with lots of experience, give them great tools and empower them to do great work.”

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