1250 HP Refrig Compressor Package


Refrigeration Compressors


To provide a dual train gas driven rotary screw refrig compressor package designed for 600 TR at -40F.

Design Challenges:

To be operator friendly and provide easy access to maintenance and daily operating items.

Compass Solution:

Maximized the available site space by having common equipment for both compressor trains while providing ample space for field operations.

Major Equipment Specifications


(2) Frick SGC-2821


(2) Waukesha L5774LT, 1250 HP @ 1200 RPM

Air Coolers:

  • (2) Air-X 120EF (engine water cooling)
  • (2) ACE E132 (propane condensers)

Control Panel:

(2) Allan Bradley MicroLogix PLC

Other Features:

  • (2) Propane Condensers
  • (1) 72” OD vertical suction scrubber
  • (1) 72” OD vertical economizer
  • (2) 54” OD vertical oil separators compression, as the ratios were low and heat of compression produced was below the pipeline limitation.

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