1500 HP Inlet Sour Gas Compressor Package


Sour Gas Inlet Compression


West Texas, United States


A warm weather design for operation in west Texas.

Design Challenges:

Sour natural gas composition <7% CO2 and <10% H2S with ambient temperatures of 105° F.

Compass Solution:

Compass constructed a custom 3-stage, inlet sour gas compressor package with an electric motor. This package was required to take low pressure gas to feed an amine plant that would treat and strip out the CO2 and H2S. The design was a modular approach so that the customer could easily install the completed package into the field with zero fugitive emissions.

Major Equipment Specifications


Ariel KBK/4, 3 Stage


TECO-Westinghouse, 1500 HP electric motor, 4160 V / 3 PH / 60 Hz

Air Cooler:

AXH 144ZF electric motor-driven with stainless steel process cooler headers

Control Panel:

Murphy Centurion C5 control stainless steel panel complete with accessories and touchscreen HMI

Other Features:

Stainless steel process vessels, piping, valves, and instrumentation.

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