2500 HP, 3 Stage Reciprocating Compressor Package


Sweet Natural Gas Compressor Package


West Texas, United States


Client required a sweet gas, 3 stage compressor package moving ~12 MMSCFD

Design Challenges:

Build a package to reduce assembly hours in the field, minimize the number of shipped loose items, and deliver on a very tight schedule.

Compass Solution:

Compass designed a low shaft design for the enginecooler sheaves system. This allowed us to reduce the cooler height which also helped to keep all the interconnecting pipe on skid. This enabled significantly reduced time for reassembly in the field resulting in a shorter time frame for start-up of the unit.

Major Equipment Specifications


  • Ariel JGC/4, four throw, three stage natural gas compressor
  • Stage 1: (2) 20-1/8 C:10, 20.125” bore, cylinders rated 345 psig, w/ VVCP
  • Stage 2: (1) 14-1/8 C, 14.125” bore, cylinder rated 635 psig, w/VVCP
  • Stage 3: (1) 8-3/8 C, 8.375” bore, cylinder rated 1895 psig, w/VVCP


Caterpillar G3608 A4

Air Cooler:

AXH 132FF2 (Ships loose)

Control Panel:

Emit Dynamic Controls

Other Features:

Electric heat tracing and insulation for all scrubbers and scrubber drain lines, and engine oil/coolant hotstart.

Compass Model No: CT2500-RAC4-3

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