6500 HP, 2 Stage, Reciprocating Compressor Package


Sour Feed Gas Compressor


Pipestone, AB


Design and build two reliable and efficient sour feed gas reciprocating compression packages for one of our customers in the Pipestone area.

Compass Solution:

  • The Compass design combined components to provide maximum flexibility over a range of suction and discharge pressures.
  • Due to the uniquely-high horsepower application for a modular, skid mounted, reciprocating compressor, an elevated level of engineering was performed on the skid design, including an FEA.
  • Skid design was optimized to ensure superior static and dynamic load transfer to foundation to ensure stability during operation, and solutions were engineered to reduce the typical size for equipment mounting hardware.
  • The unit was designed as a single piece to simplify shipping and field installation. Motor cooling air inlet and outlet were ducted to minimize heat buildup inside the building and to reduce the amount of noise emitted from the package by reducing the size and number of required openings in the building walls. Modified anchor bolt design to improve access and allow compressor cylinders and discharge bottles to ship in place.

Major Equipment Specifications


Ariel KBZ/6 2 Stage


Hyundai 6500 HP

Air Cooler:

AXH 168-2ZF

Control Panel:

Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC


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