Multi-Skid Refrigerated Sales Oil Cooling System


Oil Sands – Sales Oil Cooling – Alternate Blend


Processing Facility, Northern Alberta


Alternate blend product using lighter diluent required modifications to processing facility including a sales oil cooling system.
Complete system required by client to minimize on-site work.

Design Challenges:

The project scope evolved during the FEED phase to larger-sized equipment which required major updates to the original modularization plan. Also, the modules design needed to meet constructibility requirements to ensure efficient reassembly process at site. As such, pre-fit up for all modules was incorporated into the modularization plan. Due to the elevation of the existing Piperack, the flare header needed to be elevated to ensure the PSV’s header was sloped into the existing Piperack. The new elevation extended from 18 feet to 40 feet.

Compass Solution:

  • Revised the modularization plan and preplanned the shop space to accommodate the larger modules arrangements.
  • Worked closely with client to effectively manage project scope and schedule, and to ensure changes to scope were efficiently evaluated and implemented.
  • Worked diligently with our major suppliers and developed an integrated schedule to keep the overall project schedule on track.

Major Equipment Specifications


(2) Frick XJF151L Propane Screw Compressor

Air Cooler

(1) AlfaLaval ACE Model E162-2-47.5 Forced Draft TEG Cooler

Other Features

  • (3) Altex AFS-type Shell & Tube Sales Oil / TEG Exchangers
  • CIMCO BKU-type Chiller
  • 30” OD x 84” Vertical Propane Suction Scrubber
  • 30” OD x 96” Horizontal Oil Separator
  • 30” OD x 190” Horizontal Propane Accumulator
  • 6.625” OD x 36” S/S Propane Dryer Vessels
  • Goulds Horizontal TEG Pumps
  • 8” OD x 36” S/S TEG Slip Stream Filter Vessel

Compass Model No: EM200-SFXJF151L

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