Natural Gas Enginator Genset


Power Generation


North America


To design a power generation unit that would be full walk-around for service, as well as provide 99% mechanical availability.

Design Challenges:

Very strict emissions regulations, as well as shipping height and weight restrictions. Custom building rail crane assembly, as well as cooler designs for high ambient and low noise. Package was designed for the cooler to ship complete installed on skid. In addition to these challenges, these packages needed to be designed to run on very rich gas.

Compass Solution:

Provided a custom-engineered product to meet all requirements. Worked closely with the customer to ensure a seamless transition through engineering/design and fabrication to start-up and commissioning. Our skid was designed specifically to accommodate a “deep sump” oil pan. And our overall design and layout provided generous spacing within the building to enable quick and easy access for maintenance and servicing of the engine heads without the need for an engine service platform. This design further reduced the shipping height.

Major Equipment Specifications


1.2 MW power genset


Waukesha L7044GSI, 1680 bhp at 1200 rpm

Air Cooler:

AXH low profile EF style cooler

Control Panel:

GE Energy – Waukesha ECP8000E

Compass Model No: WK1680-G

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