Natural Gas Genset Package


Remote power generation utilizing natural gas. For this particular application the natural gas supply was utilizing high BTU flare gas.


Bakken, Northern USA


Utilize rich associated gas in the Bakken to create power vs being flared. The engine needed to operate suitably with a wide range of high BTU fuel gas compositions and the package needed to be suitable for a wide range of ambient conditions (-40° to 95° F).

Design Challenges:

Reduce flare gas emissions while dealing with changing fuel gas pressure and varying BTU content. Our solution also needed to operate in a wide range of temperatures (-40°F – 95°F) and elevations.

Compass Solution:

We designed and fabricated a self-skidded, modular package that was able to operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures. The package was designed to be efficiently assembled on site and had a fuel gas system that could handle the varying fuel gas conditions from different sites. At the client’s request, we provided them with multiple, identical GenSet packages, for use on multiple sites.

Major Equipment Specifications


Waukesha 9395GSI S5 rated at 2500 HP @ 1200 RPM

Air Cooler:

Waukesha Engine System Manager 2 (ESM2)

Other Features:


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