Sour Vapor Recovery Compressor Package


Sour gas rotary vane compressor package for VRU installation


Northeastern BC


To design and build a single package for a high pressure VRU application

Design Challenges:

Sour service and high-pressure discharge requirements

Compass Solution

A single, two stage rotary vane compressor package

Major Equipment Specifications


Stage 1: Ro-Flo 1 0G Rotary Vane Compressor
Stage 2: Ro-Flo HP10 Rotary Vane Compressor


TECO Westinghouse Electric Motor 200 HP@ 1200 rpm, 460V I 3Ph / 60Hz, VFD compatible

Air Cooler:

Alfa Laval ACE model A60M Forced Draft Aerial Cooler

Control Panel:

Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC based

Other Features:

24″ OD Horizontal Suction Scrubber (two-in-one)

Compass Model No: EM200-VR2

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