Sour Vapor Recovery Compressor Package


Design and supply a sour vapor recovery unit for a tank farm expansion project.


Fort McMurray, AB


To provide an economical process design, and an engineered and reliable equipment selection to meet an aggressive budget structure and timeline.

Design Challenges:

Build a skid-mounted sour vapor recovery unit with 2 x 50% capacity units with stringent specifications.

Compass Solution:

To design and build a two-stage, dual train compressor package complete with a pre-cooler, common suction scrubber, inter-stage scrubber, common cooler structure with pre-cooler, IC and AC which could be isolated to run either train A or B.

Major Equipment Specifications


(2) Stage 1: 50% Ro-Flo Model 17L
(2) Stage 2: 50% Ro-Flo Model 217M


(2) 400 HP @ 720 rpm, WEG Motors, 575V/3Ph/60Hz,

Air Cooler:

(1) AXC Air Cooler, Model 842Z-R

Control Panel:

(1) Spartan DELTA V control panel (off-skid in E-House)
(1) Spartan DELTA V HMI panel (located in VRU bldg.)

Other Features:

  • 7% sour
  • Built to Oil Sands specifications
  • (1) O2 Analyzer
  • (1) Pre-cooler
  • (1) Discharge Oil Separator

Compass Model No: EM400-VR2-Dual

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