Condensate Stabilizer


Liquid product vapour pressure and composition control.


Northeast, British Columbia


  • Control bottom product vapour pressure and key component content to allow tank storage.
  • Maximize liquid product recovery.
  • Conserve operation uptime with major backup components.
  • Vapour recovery and overhead gas compression.

Design Challenges:

  • Effectively handle slugs, water, and other contaminants from upstream process equipment.
  • Provide compression for both site storage tank vapours and overhead residue gas to recycle into main plant gas stream.
  • Sparing capacity for major components subject to fouling.

Compass Solution:

  • Feed drum with slug capacity and mechanical separation features to remove sediment and water.
  • Split feed and tray count to optimize liquid products with capital cost.
  • Compact and flexible compressors to gather vapours from tank storage and combine them with residue gas from tower. Each service individually controlled.
  • Rotary vane compressor to effectively deal with gas at dew point.

Major Equipment Specifications

Vessels/ Towers

  • 54” OD x 30 ft S/S 3 phase, Feed Drum
  • 36” OD x 60 ft S/S Stabilizer Tower with 20 valve trays
  • 24” OD x 5 ft S/S two compartment vessel for stage 1 and 2 compressor scrubber.


  • Dual 5.80 MM Btu/hr ‘BKU’ Tower Reboiler
  • Dual 5.4 MM Btu/hr 10” OD x 40 ft ‘NEN’
  • Feed / Bottoms Exchanger


  • Vapour Recovery Stage – RoFlo 8D driven by a 50 HP @ 1200 RPM TEFC motor
  • Combined VRU/Overhead Gas Stage – RoFlo 17HP driven by a 250 HP @ 900 RPM TEFC motor.

Product Cooler / Compressor Cooler

AXH 156ZF aerial cooler for stabilized product cooling and compressor cooling.

Other Features

REMvue 500 panel for compressor controls.

Compass Model No: LCS-7000-5.7 STABILIZER WITH EM50-VR8D/EM250-VR17HP

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