Dual Train Screw Refrigeration Compressors (1950 HP x 2)




Northeastern BC


To design and build a custom dual train compression package that was required to provide compression for a refrigeration loop to cool plant processes.

1294 Tons of refrigeration was required to reach the final chilled temperature of approximately -40 F.

Design Challenges:

Due to extremely low temperatures, pipe stress was a challenge that the Compass team was able to overcome through custom engineering and design.

Compass Solution:

Compass constructed a custom dual 1950 HP screw refrigeration propane compressor package with 2 natural gas engines on a singular modular package.

Major Equipment Specifications


(2) Frick SGXB-3524 Rotary Screw Compressors


(2) Caterpillar natural gas engine G3606 A4, 1950 HP

Air Cooler:

  • AXH 168-2ZF forced draft engine water coolers

Control Panel:

(2) Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC based

Other Features:

  • (2) 1000A-DDI PREP Increaser gear boxes
  • Vertical oil separator
  • Suction scrubber and economizer skid

Compass Model No: CT1950-SF3524 DUAL

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