3 x 2370 HP, 3-Stage, Reciprocating Compressor Packages (Retrofit)


Disassemble and Reassemble Multiple Compressor Packages


Northern British Columbia


Disassemble three compressor packages at three different sites. Packages consist of two Compass units and one non-Compass unit. Each package must not exceed 200,0001b maximum shipping weight. Reassemble the three units at new site location.

Project Scope:

  • Remove building roof to accommodate the removal of engine, compressor, process spools and pulsation bottles.
  • Remove interconnecting spools between cooler and building; prepare cooler for shipment.
  • Catalogue all materials to ensure materials removed have been accounted for and documented for the reassembly.
  • Prepare packages for shipping to ensure equipment and materials are clean and free of debris during shipment.

Major Equipment Specifications


Ariel JGC/4


Caterpillar 3608LE

Air Cooler:

Air-X Limited 132-2FF

Compass Model No: CT2370-RAC4-3

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